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What have you Collected?

Retiring in July 2009, at a young age I decided to unclutter my living, sorting through and cataloging the many things I have collected in my life.  Or maybe, they have collected me.  Never the less, I needed to get organized.

Is this you?  Does your garage look like this?

If so,  first things first, UNCLUTTER.  Then clean, catalog and know what you have and why you have it. 

Want to get rid of some stuff.  eBay it!  Great fun and a good way to capitalize on selling your collectibles.  Also a good place to network with others doing the same.

Stay in touch, I will soon be opening my eBay store front and get caught up in the world of ecommerce. I will be discussing and showing the many items I am buying or selling and why they have value to collectors.

My next post will be “Collecting Asian Antiques.”


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