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Update to “Nippon” collection.  See end of post.  Go to Post By Subject – Select Category drop down on right side of  webpage. Hit the drop down arrow, select asian antiques.  Select Nippon (1 of5) See end of post to see date & photos of new purchases to my collection.  Thanks.

I have decided that as I buy, sell and trade items within my collections I will post notes of where I am at i.e.; new items bought and items in my collection sold.  This is so you can follow along with me and experience the joy and yes, sometimes the sorrow of collecting.  These “new” post will be at the bottom of subjects I have posted already.  So… if I buy a Nippon piece you will find that item at the bottom of the Nippon post in Asian Antiques.

You will probably be able to also find these items in my store on eBay.  Just click on “My Assistant” the Duck and he will take you to my store.  Browse & enjoy.  Thank you.


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